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Illinois JobLink Real-Time Labor Market Information
Labor Surplus and Shortages
Information by occupation on areas where job openings exceed the supply of available workers, and on areas where workers who exceed the number of job openings.
Hiring Trends
Information on the twenty-five occupations most frequently listed as job openings on Illinois JobLink, including number of openings filled.
Salary Trends
Information on hourly salaries for the twenty-five occupations most-frequently listed as job openings on Illinois JobLink, and the average hourly salary preferred, for the twenty-five most-frequently listed job seeker resumes, by occupation.
Job Seeker Characteristics
Information on selected characteristics of active job seekers by the twenty-five most-frequently listed occupations: education, experience, gender, race and ethnicity, employment status, veteran status, and recently laid-off workers.
Employer Characteristics
Information on selected employer characteristics of the top twenty-five employers: job openings occupation, education and experience requirement and more.
Current Labor Availability
Information on the number of resumes and job openings currently available by occupation, including average hourly wage.
Job Opening Average Wage
Provides employers and job seekers with a count of job openings received and filled by hourly wage.
Illinois JobLink Statistics
View historical and current statistics on employer and job seeker utilization of Illinois JobLink through counts of employer job openings and available jobseeker resumes.

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