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Browsing Illinois JobLink
Users can browse Illinois JobLink with a mouse or keyboard using the flyout menus at the left of the screen.

Mouse Navigation

Point to the desired top-level command or menu to highlight it. Menus are identified with a right-pointing arrow. When a menu is highlighted (for example, the Find a Job menu), the submenu or "flyout" expands. Click the desired command to go to that page. Move your pointer off of the menu or submenu to contract the submenu(s).

Keyboard Navigation

Press the TAB key until the desired top level command or menu is highlighted. Menus are identified with a right-pointing arrow. When a menu is highlighted (for example, the Find a Job menu), press the RIGHT ARROW key to expand the submenu or "flyout". Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to scroll through the commands in the submenu. Press the RIGHT ARROW key to expand any additional submenus. Press the LEFT ARROW key to contract the submenu(s). When the desired command is highlighted, press ENTER to go to that page.

Viewing Illinois JobLink

Users can easily optimize the display of Illinois JobLink on their computer using the built-in controls available in most web browsers. Regardless of which browser you are using, you may also zoom in or out using the following keyboard shortcuts. To zoom in for a larger display, press CTRL++. To zoom out for a smaller display, press CTRL+-. To reset the display to the default page size of 100%, press CTRL+0.

Recommended Browsers and Browser Settings

This application utilizes JavaScript and cookie technology. Illinois JobLink does not require that you use a JavaScript-enabled browser, as JavaScript is used purely to enhance the browsing experience.

Illinois JobLink does require that you use a cookie-enabled browser. The cookies we set are used only for state management. In other words, cookies are our way of identifying a user through the duration of their session on our site.

Illinois JobLink has been tested on a variety of browsers including: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 9, Opera from version 12, Firefox from version 17 and Safari for Windows and Mac. Earlier browser versions will not display the pages as the more recent versions do.

If the pages do not reflect recent changes or additions, you may need to adjust your browsing history settings. Follow the instructions below.

Download the most current browsers:
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