Extrusion Machine Operator

in County, IL

Job Description

In this function you will operate machinery used in manufacturing high-quality food packaging products.

Shift Times:  5:45pm-6:15am (C & D shifts). Rotating 12-hour shifts with every other weekend off



  • Prior Experience with Extrusion Machine Operation
  • Manufacturing Experience
  • Willingness to work and follow verbal/written instructions 
  • May be required to use floor loading trucks
  • Ability to work safely, willingness to train in cross-functional areas, and work overtime as needed.


  • Reads job specifications to determine machine adjustments, and material requirements
  • Adjusts settings and controls to ensure sheet is within defined processing standards
  • Ensures sheet quality by performing required quality assurance tests and inspections
  • Operates at or below Company scrap targets
  • Understands and completes daily MCL tasks
  • Works to reduce rejected rolls per-month measurement
  • Makes high-quality food packaging through the thermoforming process
  • Ensures that all product manufactured on assigned machine is within Company quality limits; immediately recognizes quality issues and takes action
  • Monitors in-line inspection; completes any re-inspection that is ordered due to quality issues from assigned line
  • Follows plant quality practices including Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMP’s


  • Works to achieve 100% on-time completion of scheduled production
  • Operates two types of extruder lines including proper start-up/shut-down
  • Operates two types of forming machines
  • Adjusts machine components to regulate speeds, pressures, and temperatures, and amounts, dimensions, and flow of materials
  • Monitors machine operations and observes lights and gauges to detect malfunctions; presses control buttons to activate machinery and equipment
  • Operates relevant material handling systems
  • Understands basic functions of the extruder auxiliary systems
  • Handles rolls and moves finished product to the curing area

General & Administrative

  • Completes and fills out daily logs/reports as required
  • Completes all assigned cleaning/preventive maintenance tasks
  • Delivers scrap to reprocessing area in the appropriate manner
  • Executes basic Troubleshooting and adjusts basic processing problems.
  • Immediately notifies supervisor of any/all processing or maintenance problems on assigned line
  • Assists other employees to set up machines and transport finished work pieces
  • Reports to work on-time and follows D&W attendance policy and guidelines
  • No direct supervision responsibilities


  • Ensures equipment used in extrusion process is operated properly and all safety mechanisms and guards are in place
  • Understands how to handle machine properly during an emergency, which includes power outages, machine failure, workplace injuries, etc. 
  • Follows plant safety procedures and guidelines; wears and utilizes personal protective equipment (PPE) as required
  • Understands and performs Lock-out/Tag-out procedures
  • Informs supervisor of safety issues; reports any workplace injury or incident immediately
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Posted On: Jun 07, 2023

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