at Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology in Springfield, Illinois, United States

Job Description

20%  Serves as the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) Executive and a policy-making official for the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) Enterprise Project Management Office: 

  • Formulates and implements policy for the total management process of information technology and telecommunication having statewide impact. 
  • Directs the planning, development, administration and coordination of statewide technical projects, programs, policies, and procedures which contain objectives and principles controlling actions to meet operational goals and responsibilities.
  • Interprets new legislation and administrative policies and procedures.
  • Confers with the DoIT leadership on feasibility of recommended policies. 
  • Collects data, compiles, reviews, and evaluates DoIT project and performance status reports. 
  • Works cooperatively and in conjunction with subordinate managers and staff and the Project Management Offices, to identify, govern, execute, and deploy key business initiatives for the State of Illinois, focusing on Information Technology and Telecommunication initiatives. 
  • Acts authoritatively on policy-making issues impacting agency management and statewide agency operations. 
  • Participates in planning and programming agency activities mandated by legislation, regulations and DoIT Leadership. 
  • Provides technical program management leadership and develops program wide status reports for DoIT Leadership. 
  • Reviews and analyzes status reports, project plans and technical project and performance metrics reported from the Do!T business units and the Project Management Offices to identify, escalate and resolve issues and to identify performance trending to suggest areas for IT and telecommunication improvements statewide. 
  • Facilitates approved initiatives, programs, and projects while effectively allocating and utilizing the States limited resources to accomplish State business and technology objectives and goals.
  • Develops comprehensive reports and communicates technical project and performance metrics and audit results to DolT Leadership and customer agencies. 


20%  Manages the evaluation, design and re-engineering of the business control and resource management processes of the EPMO to identify and further develop opportunities for improvement through the application of business process engineering principles and practices:

  • Serves as official spokesperson on behalf of Do IT Leadership and the Office of Enterprise Project Management to all internal and external entities regarding Enterprise Portfolio Management and Enterprise Project Management. 
  • Manages the conducting and facilitating of requirements gathering, consensus development and process presentation for service and business process improvement initiatives and program/project plan development, having authority to negotiate and commit resources on behalf of the department at meetings, conferences, and other situations. 
  • Develops and directs implementation of new services, programs, operations, and procedures.
  • Recommends modifications to technical project plans to ensure IT resources are engaged in value-add activities reflecting DoIT project/program goals. Researches the latest technology and industry best practices related to business process and project management as well as the latest requirements provided by the State and Federal government as well as agency users.
(Job Responsibilities continued)

15%  Serves as full line supervisor: 

  • Assigns and reviews work. 
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff. 
  • Counsels staff regarding work performance. 
  • Reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs. 
  • Establishes annual goals and objectives. 
  • Approves time off. 
  • Adjusts first level grievances. 
  • Effectively recommends and imposes discipline, up to and including discharge. 
  • Prepares and signs performance evaluations. 
  • Determines and recommends staffing needs.


10%  Manages and oversees the use of the EPM System (the primary project management tool for the EPMO) for customer agencies, DoIT and the Project Management Offices:

  • Directs essential project management behaviors in the EPMO and the Project Management Offices through distribution of Project Management Fundamentals and EPMO System training as well as project management tools and templates with the Workforce Development team. 
  • In coordination with DoIT Training staff, identifies needs for technical training and communicates training availability throughout the organization.

  10%  Establishes long-range goals and objectives for the programs to support the achievement of key performance indicators, standards, and key strategies for success in the EPMO:

  • Interprets new legislation and administrative policies and procedures in partnership with other DoIT departments in determining the impact on activities and/or programs of DoIT and the support of customer agencies. 
  • Reviews, evaluates, and directs modifications of services, programs and operations in response to legislative and management mandates as well as existing and potential needs of specific programs and projects.

10%  Monitors program budget's preparation and controls appropriation of expenditures:

  • Defines areas of additional funding needs.
  • Analyzes feasibility, availability and pricing of equipment and services.
  • Develops and submits EPMO budget proposals for approval in accordance with DoIT policies and in cooperation with the DoIT budget office. 
  • Reviews and approves procurements and maintenance requests. 
  • Forecasts budgetary needs, coordinates budget preparation, requests, and justifications for the EPMO in conjunction with DoIT Business Services.


10% Participates in top level management meetings:

  • Keeps DoIT leadership apprised of program or project progress, problems, or any matters relative to Agency policies, procedures, goals and/or objectives. 


5%  Performs all other duties as required or assigned that are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.

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