Battery Engineer

at Natrion, Inc. in Champaign, Illinois, United States

Job Description

The Battery Engineer will work in the Research and Development team at Natrion’s laboratories in Champaign, IL to support the development of the next generation of Natrion’s proprietary solid-state lithium-ion battery technology. The Battery Engineer will be responsible for ideating and evaluating active and inactive cell components and recommending formulations and cell designs to meet product and process requirements. The Battery Engineer will work closely with other engineers as part of a fast-moving, cross-functional, interdisciplinary R&D team. Expected duties include but are not limited to electrolyte formulation and specification, material evaluation and selection, cell prototyping, construction, and testing to meet performance targets, and measurement and data analysis to identify critical factors affecting performance and cost. Additional Duties include the following: Evaluate active materials, particularly solid electrolytes and electrode/electrolyte composites, to meet product requirements and R&D objectives. Define and validate standard test and
synthesis procedures, equipment, and protocols for R&D purposes. Build cells and analyze data to quantitatively measure and compare cell performance. Direct and conduct computational and electrochemical techniques for evaluating solid electrolyte materials. Apply diagnostics to investigate cell and electrolyte reactions and conduct failure mode analysis to identify root causes and generate novel solutions. Work closely with the product and process development teams in material evaluation, component manufacture, cell building, cell testing, and data analysis. Coordinate the R&D efforts of collaborating institutions to meet common goals and identify and evaluate new potential collaborators. Communicate with collaborating institutions, manufacturers/suppliers, and customers to evaluate Natrion’s products and development efforts. Conduct literature research to stay current on research and development in the realm of
electrochemical materials. Apply relevant research to Natrion’s development efforts. Work with manufacturers/suppliers and collaborating partners to exchange technical information and enable access to advanced active material and electrolyte research. Summarize, report on, and present R&D activities on a regular basis. Contribute to a positive, team-oriented, high-achieving work environment

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Job Posting: 11282876

Posted On: Sep 14, 2023

Updated On: Oct 15, 2023

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