at Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology in Springfield, Illinois, United States

Job Description

25%  Serves as designated lead worker for the Administrative Production Control Unit within the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT):

  • Assigns and reviews work.
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff.
  • Advises immediate supervisor regarding staff work performance and provides input into performance evaluations.


20%  Under direction, serves as Production Control Lead reviewing new computer systems and applications extensively to determine acceptability to be run in a production mode:

  • Performs detailed analysis of process documentation, system flows, process flows, narratives, informational sheets, report distribution forms and Job Control Language (JCL) packages to ensure conformity to established standards.
  • Reviews the new systems / applications to ensure compatibility with current system hardware and software.
  • Maintains logs, control documents and online records according to procedures.
  • Devises operating techniques to maximize production.
  • Advises immediate supervisor of staffing issues or needs.
  • Monitors production activity and provides direction to staff.
  • Participates in the development and maintenance of 24-hour master schedule to ensure proper coding is in place for the scheduling of jobs/schedules for production processing.
  • Reviews job schedule to ensures jobs are scheduled in proper sequence and priority.


15%  Confers with Information Management and Development staff and Technical Services staff relative to suggested system and documentation modifications:

  • Provides suggestions to improve application / system design.
  • Evaluates changes to existing applications / systems to determine if modifications will achieve desired end results.
  • Reviews job control language (JCL) listings, output summaries, failure codes and other pertinent information.
  • Initiates appropriate corrective action in the event of an incomplete run due to data, software or hardware problem.
  • Interfaces and manipulates mainframe computer systems components
  • Serves in a 24-hour availability capacity for production problems.
  • Uses PCs and the LAN to access tools including but not limited to Bluezone, TSO/ISPF, CA-Scheduler and/or ZEKE / ZEBB, Document Direct/Mobius, Visio, Microsoft Office Suite, Job Control Language and Operating System commands to create, modify and monitor the production job schedule.
  • Produces production logs and statistical reports utilizing Word Processing and Spreadsheet software.


15%  Monitors existing production systems to determine functions as originally intended and all documentation is current and in place:

  • Develops problem definition reports and submits to Information Management and Development when undocumented system modifications are discovered or when problems are identified which need corrective action.
  • Provides input to Information Management and Development and Technical Services relative to revisions needed to existing documentation or JCL packets.
Job Responsibilities Continued

10%  Performs job staging and de-staging activities by verifying JCL listings for successful job completion:

  • Identifies and analyzes error/abend codes and resolves problems.
  • Verifies proper code is utilized to produce desired results.
  • Implements overrides to the JCL and supplies the proper corrective action/restart parameter information to the jobs for abend resolution to achieve successful completions.
  • Uses online view and report distribution software, such as, Document Direct/Mobius for research and analysis work for batch processing.


10%  Assists in production planning and makes recommendations for development and implementation of software or procedures to improve scheduling and resource utilization:

  • Works closely with unit supervisor on all special projects.
  • Assists fellow workers and programming staff in the resolution of Job Control Language errors.


5%  Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of duties enumerated above.

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Posted On: Sep 22, 2023

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