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Job Posting:Sep 22, 2023, 7:29:46 PMClosing Date:Oct 6, 2023, 11:59:00 PMFull-time

Collective Bargaining Unit:NNOC NursesNNOC NursesPosting Salary:$33.126 - $45.142 HOURLY
Organization:Health and Hospital Systems

Location: John H. Stroger Hospital
SHIFT: 10:00 AM - 6:15 PM
Starting salary is commensurate with years of RN experience.

Job Summary
The Operating Room Clinical Nurse I is specially trained to practice nursing during the Perioperative period. The dimensions of practice range from preoperative assessment to intra operative intervention to postoperative evaluation. It is practice designed to meet a patient's needs through the nursing process, ensuring continuity of care during the surgical experience.
Typical Duties
Day of Surgery
Performs in scrub or circulating role.
Checks the following day's assignments so as to be prepared in anatomy, the surgeon's preference, and sequence of procedure. If special instrumentation or prosthetics are requested, ensure they have arrived and familiar with usage
Attends report at scheduled time
Damp dusts operating room surfaces
Checks supplies against preference cards, obtaining any missing items
Ensures that required blood products are readily available in the Blood Bank
Opens sterile supplies with scrub staff
Performs initial baseline counts according to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital (JSH) Policy and Procedures
Checks spotlights, connects suctions, and electrical equipment
Greets patients in Pre-Op area and receives hand-off communication from Pre-Op nurse; refers the Pre-Op admission policy; assures patients are in operating room fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled start of surgery
Checks patient documentation preoperatively to ensure that chart is complete with: all appropriate consents signed, proper patient identification and verified with Pre-Op during hand off; Labs/X-ray, etc. (refers to policy)
Assesses the physical and psychosocial needs of the patient; provides physical and emotional support, as needed; explains routines and procedures to patients, as needed
Assists patients in moving to the O.R. table; requests assistance if necessary for moving and/or positioning; secures safety belt
Keeps noise level to a minimum
Assures surgeon and assistant (if applicable) are present in the operating room before anesthesia begins; remains next to the patient during anesthesia induction; assists anesthesiologist, as needed
Performs pre-induction and pre-incision time out, checks with surgical team and anesthesia staff
Assesses patient skin integrity on arrival to and prior to transfer from O.R.
Assists in positioning of the patient
Properly places grounding pad; refer to Electrosurgical Policy
Performs skin prep per departmental policy
Assists in gowning surgeons, assistants, etc.
Connects suction and electrosurgical unit
Pours medications on back table: ensures labels on all solutions and medications are to be checked by both scrub and circulating staff ensures expiration date is reviewed by both the scrub and circulating staff; ensures Anesthesiologist is notified whenever Xylocaine, Cocaine, Neosynephrine, or other similar drugs are on the field
Maintains an ongoing assessment of supplies needed on the surgical field vs. supplies in the room
Ensures instrument, needle, and sponge counts are performed in the event of permanent relief of either the scrub or circulating staff
Contacts Holding area to call for the next scheduled case prior to closure of case in progress
Notifies Control Desk if room is running late and may delay the next scheduled surgery
Documents all supplies, implants and medications used during procedure
Remains in the operating room at all times unless properly relieved by another Registered Nurse (if case in progress mandates leaving OR to secure additional supplies, notifies scrub staff prior to exiting the room)
Prepares tape for dressings, gurney, and suction towards the end of procedure
Accurately performs and documents final sponge, needs, and instrument count with scrub staff according to JSH Policy
Cleans patient, applies dressings, and connects drains
Assists anesthesiologist (i.e., extubation)
Completes and documents all nursing interventions performed in the operating room
Transfers patient to gurney
End of Procedure
Cleans and stocks room
Ensures all sutures, and supplies are returned to their proper place
Returns furniture to its designated area
Returns equipment to its designated storage area
Ensures specimen(s) and slips have been transported to, and placed in, the specimen refrigerator
Assists in collecting equipment for workroom
Assists in cleaning of operating room
Completes documentation and submits to Main Operating Room Office
Signs out of Operating Room
Documents time next case is scheduled in the room
Performs special weekly assignments, as... For full info follow application link.


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