at Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology in Springfield, Illinois, United States

Job Description

25% Under administrative direction, serves as an SQL Database Administrator (DBA) for the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT):  


  • Designs and architects database systems that meet the organization’s needs.
  • Creates, troubleshoots, tunes and maintains relational databases and data warehouse systems.
  • Collaborates with developers and stakeholders to define data structures, tables, relationships and optimization strategies.
  • Determines indexing strategies to optimize query performance.
  • Plans for scalability to accommodate future data growth.
  • Evaluates and selects appropriate technologies and tools for the database architecture.
  • Provides a full range of complex professional IT applications services.
  • Utilizes advanced analysis, design and development software tools to coordinate the development and implementation of complex database related (data retrieval and manipulation) program code. 
  • Develops, monitors and maintains complex database structures using MS SQL (Structured Query Language) Server, database application development, database programming, and data warehouse standards in Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) Server Database Management System 2008 (or newer). 
  • Reviews existing computer applications and recommends improvements.
  • Develops data models and data maps for data warehouse systems.
  • Meets and confers with database administrators and developers to refine standards for accessing, maintaining and analyzing data in relational databases, data warehouses, data marts and data cubes using advanced design and development tools.
  • Provides technical advice and techniques for accessing relational data using programming tools including Microsoft Visual Studio, Entity Framework, and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio within Windows LAN based operating system environments for daily production support and in developing, implementing, and maintaining complex, integrated database management system (DBMS) based products such as IMS/DC, IMS/DB, DB2, and SQL Server.    
  • Applies agency standards and procedures to provide technical advice and feasibility analysis in the computerization of agency operations.
  • Advises management of the feasibility or cost effectiveness of conversion of manual processes:
  • Research’s ways to improve data access including reviewing patterns and suggesting changes to database structure or SQL coding. 
  • Scripts languages such as PowerShell and Python.
  • Works with Azure, SQL Database, Amazon RDS, and migrates on-premises databases to the cloud.
  • Conducts database migrations, version upgrades and platform transitions.
  • Conducts in-depth studies to determine feasibility of changing current operations, applications and/or automating operations into database systems to improve the effectiveness of these systems.  
  • Develops work plans, cost estimates and proposals for review and sign-off by management.  
  • Keeps Information Technology (IT) management advised of any issues that may affect availability or accuracy of data.
(Job Responsibilities continued)

15% Interviews and consults with clients concerning desirable changes for complex relational database programming assignments: 


  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams and mentors junior database administrators.
  • Performs in-depth studies and analysis of client needs and objectives. 
  • Develops and implements complex database structures to achieve the most expeditious and effective methods in establishing or revising internal systems.
  • Optimizes SQL query performance, including query execution plans, indexing strategies and performance tuning techniques.
  • Performs extensive maintenance of databases including system tuning and measuring and resolves any identified weaknesses by adjusting database definition parameters or by designing and implementing additional database objects. 
  • Diagnoses and resolves complex database issues, including system crashes, data corruption and performance bottlenecks.
  • Develops and maintains backup and recovery strategies.
  • Creates database tables, views, data elements, shared data rules, data marts, data cubes and reports.  
  • Schedules and automates regular backups of databases.
  • Performs backup validation and tests restoration procedures.
  • Establishes disaster recovery plans for data loss scenarios.
  • Ensures data consistency and integrity during recovery operations.  


20 %Verifies that  data is protected to the highest possible level by reviewing database backup reports and by any other means possible:

  • Plans and implements a robust disaster recovery and high-availability solutions, such as clustering, replication and failover mechanisms.
  • Monitors systems to ensure database security principles, including access control, encryption and compliance with relevant data protection regulations are met.
  • Coordinates the development of database interfaces by application programmers, including enforcement of standards. 
  • Coordinates and conducts complex technical reviews related to database management system (DBMS) areas of IMS/DC, IMS/DB, DB2, and SQL Server. 
  • Oversees the design and documentation of data normalization and related data-oriented analysis.
  • Monitors database performance using tools and metrics.
  • Analyzes query execution plans to identify inefficient queries.
  • Optimize queries by rewriting code, adding indexes, or creating views.
  • Manage and optimize system resources, such as memory and disk space.
  • Fine-tune database parameters and configuration settings.
Job Responsibilities (Continued)

15% Conducts complex projects:  


  • Determines, coordinates and conducts complex projects, including project scheduling and assignments.
  • Reviews client requirements, assigns and reviews the work of junior database administrators.
  • Participates in the development of new and maintenance of existing standards to be used on future projects. 
  • Performs programming functions to expedite projects.
  • Provides expertise, guidance and direction to staff. 
  • Reviews results and incorporates individual components of projects into the final product.  
  • Evaluates, tests, and recommends acquisition or rejection of products, subject to management approval.  


5% Plans and executes training programs in professional areas of the database development field including proper database access techniques: 


  • Provides complex technical and analytical training and support to developers, such as those developing large scale projects using database management and data warehousing systems. 
  • Reviews, recommends and plans training requirements that are necessary for effective performance.
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