at Illinois Department of Transportation in Springfield, Illinois, United States

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

This position is accountable for assisting in the development and implementation of the Illinois Department of Transportation?s (IDOT) Capital Improvements Program, conducting on-site visits to various construction sites, and providing detailed documentation primarily for the counties in the IDOT districts 4 ? 9.  However, if the need arises, this position may be assigned responsibilities in districts 1 ? 3. 


Annual capital improvements budget: $55 million 

Number of construction projects: 15 ? 50 annually

Total IDOT property: $476 million  


This position reports to the Capital Improvement Central and South Unit Chief.  There are no subordinates reporting to this position. 

This position operates in an environment characterized by limited funding which increases the need for efficient administration of capital improvement projects.  The incumbent assists in establishing realistic budgets for new construction, renovation, and asbestos removal projects based on the needs of the individual districts.  The incumbent ensures that a clean and safe working environment for department and contract employees is maintained. S/He will also manage the allocated budgets on their assigned projects.  This requires the incumbent to maintain current knowledge of codes, cost trends, new construction methods, and new technological applications.  This position ensures and obtains appropriate regulatory reviews, comments, and permits. 

Typical problems encountered by this position include ensuring all construction, remodeling, and renovation projects meet necessary time constraints and are within the project budget.  The greatest challenge of this position is to recognize potential hazardous materials, such as asbestos and contaminated soil early in the design stage, and report the situation to the Capital Improvement Central and South Unit Chief to obtain a recommendation of corrective procedures for removal through the Bureau of Design and Environment.  

The incumbent serves as a departmental representative for the IDOT funded Capital Development Board (CDB) project meetings.  S/He will attend on-site or remote meetings from the start of a project through closeout to track design and construction progress. These types of meetings include orientation, design review, pre-bid, pre-construction, pay/progress, substantial completion, and final acceptance. Information regarding these projects such as schedule, budget, and scope are reported to the Capital Improvement Central and South Unit Chief. The incumbent creates and maintains multiple cost tracking and project status spreadsheets. The incumbent receives reports regarding the allocation for each assigned project, monitors project expenditures, and stays aware of the remaining allocation.  S/He prepares periodic structured updates to be used for management reporting.  The incumbent reviews all partial payment requests and provides feedback regarding the accuracy of



(Job Responsibilities continued)

each pay estimate to the Capital Improvement Central and South Unit Chief.  S/He assists in performing the final review of projects to ensure all provisions of the contract have been met.  The incumbent reviews checklists for finalization of the assigned projects.  The incumbent works closely with the districts to complete the required documentation for their annual and five-year Capital Development Program. S/He reviews district requests and establishes an estimated budget and prioritization of projects included within the program for management review. The incumbent prepares budgetary updates monthly as required. 

The incumbent has general latitude to accomplish daily responsibilities.  S/He is constrained by all applicable departmental and federal and state policies and practices.  Matters of a unique nature are referred to the Capital Improvement Central and South Unit Chief with recommendations for resolution.  

Internal contacts are with the Director of Finance and Administration, bureau chiefs, section chiefs, regional engineers, Bureau of Design and Environment staff, and district business services managers.  External contacts include the CDB, Asbestos Abatement Authority, consultant personnel, contractors, material suppliers, and various utility companies’ personnel.  Extensive statewide travel with overnight stays to attend statewide project meetings and to conduct on-site reviews of ongoing projects is required.  

The effectiveness of this position is measured by the incumbent?s ability to estimate future funding needs, manage budgets on assigned projects, and provide timely progress updates to the Capital Improvement Central and South Unit Chief. 

Principal Accountabilities

1.    Serves as a departmental representative for the IDOT funded CDB project meetings. Attends and reports on project meetings from beginning to closeout whether on-site or remote.
2.    Reviews and evaluates project submittal drawings, specifications, and cost estimates.
3.    Creates and maintains multiple cost tracking and project status spreadsheets.
4.    Monitors project expenditures and stays aware of remaining allocation for each project at any given time.
5.    Performs on-site assessments, develops facility maintenance plans, and develops recommendations for the Capital Improvements Central and South Unit Chief for the annual and five-year Capital Development Program.
6.    Maintains budgetary allocations for each assigned project ensuring the department is operating within the established limits.  Prepares budgetary updates monthly as required.
7.    Reviews all partial payment requests for accuracy and completes appropriate inventory forms for all property acquisitions within assigned areas.
8.    Performs duties in compliance with departmental safety rules.  Performs all duties in a manner conducive to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees.
9.    Performs other duties as assigned.


Position Requirements

?    Education/Experience:

  • Completion of two years of college in civil engineering technology, pre-engineering or a job related technical/science curriculum plus five years of engineering experience; OR

  • Seven years of engineering experience

?    Valid driver’s license
?    Extensive statewide travel with overnight stays

Position Desirables

?    Working knowledge of construction management, estimating, or architecture
?    Experience performing a variety of technical activities such as oversight of the design/construction process and reviewing specifications, plans, schematics, and/or drawings
?    Ability to establish budgets and prioritize projects for management review
?    Knowledge of hazardous materials and corrective removal procedures
?    Ability to coordinate extensively with contractors and various office staff
?    Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Word, and Outlook
?    Effective oral and written communication skills

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Posted On: Nov 10, 2022

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