Neonatal ICU Nurse II

at TAD PGS in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Job Description

Typical Duties A. Competencies · Provide general direction, guidance and coordination of patient care activities delivered by other levels of nursing staff. · Make appropriate and timely decisions in a crisis or emergency situation. · Work and communicate effectively with a variety of individuals. · Apply knowledge of standard operating policies and procedures. · Identify, plan of care for the total needs of patients considering their age specific requirements. · Operate safely clinical equipment necessary for providing patient care. · Initiate and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation activities. · Apply the principles of Infection Control and Environment of Care B. Clinical Practice · Collects assessment date relative to the following factors: biophysical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual values, environmental, self-care capabilities, safety, infection control, learning needs, and ability to manage continuing care needs after discharge. · Performs reassessments according to divisional / unit standards and patient care needs. · Performs transfer assessments when patients are transferred in or out of the unit. · Ensures completion of transfer assessments. C. Performs and ensures formulation and communication of an individualized plan of care derived from assessment data. · Utilizes assessment data in formulating age specific plan of care consistent with: a. the therapies of other disciplines; b. Standards of nursing practice. · Involves patient / significant others and collaborates with other health care team members in planning nursing care. · Utilizes principles of growth and development across life span in formulating age specific needs of the patients: neonate / infant, child, adolescent, adult, geriatric. · Ensures collaboration and communication with patient / family and other health care team members are accomplished. D. Ensures implementation of the nursing plan of care: · Performs interventions and ensures implementations are done in a competent, skillful and safe manner. · Ensure that patient’s responses to interventions are evaluated and modified accordingly. · Ensures provision of interventions to meet patient identified discharge needs. · Ensures education is provided to patient and family based on assessed learning needs. E. Ensures accurate documentation: · Ensures the staff records pertinent information. · Records accurately, concisely and legibly. · Signs documentation with legible full signature and classification. F. Ensures comprehensive delivery of patient care: · Adheres to and ensures staff follows principles of infection control, environment of care. · Demonstrates competence in the safe and effective use of clinical equipment and ensures staff does the same. · Evaluates effectiveness of plan of care and revised interventions as appropriate. G. Demonstrates leadership / management ability: · Competent in making patient care / staff assignments. · Identifies staffing needs to ensure safe, quality patient care. · Facilities timely admission of patients to the unit. · Ensures timely discharge of patients. · Plans, coordinates team / unit care activities. · Identifies and resolves patient care problems in a timely manner. · Follows the chain of command in referring problems. Demonstrates and promotes teamwork and effective interpersonal relationships with all health care team members, patients, and families. Demonstrates knowledge of hospital-wide services and makes appropriate referrals as indicated. Participates and facilitates quality assessment and improvement activities, unit policy / procedures, unit rounds, patient care team, conferences, end of shift report, CPR / fire drills. H. Demonstrates awareness of patient / family rights and ethical / legal issues: · Ensures patient / family confidentiality and privacy are maintained. · Treats patient / family with respect and courtesy. · Takes appropriate actions to address ethical concerns for self and staff. I. Participates actively in staff orientation and staff development activities for the unit: · Performs as resource nurse / preceptor when necessary. · Facilities attendance of staff to scheduled educational activities. J. Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for professional practice, growth and development: · Maintains certification as required. · Seeks opportunities to improve professional knowledge and skills. · Takes accountability for accurate reporting of unusual occurrences, e.g., medication errors, patient falls, etc. K. Other related performance standards: · Renews professional license in a timely manner. · Attends safety, infection control, in-services and maintains all certifications. · Demonstrates punctuality. · Maintains good attendance record. · Adheres to departmental dress code policy. · Performs other duties as assigned.
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Posted On: Feb 19, 2024

Updated On: Feb 29, 2024

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