Chief Information Officer-IEMA (SPSA Opt 3)

at Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology in Springfield, Illinois, United States

Job Description

25%  Serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Department of Innovation and Technology-IL Emergency Management Agency (IEMA); 

  • Serves as principal policy formulating administrator for the management process for the IEMA Information Technology (IT) services. 
  • Develops, implements and interprets policies and procedures for the long and short-term strategic goals of DoIT/IEMA. 
  • As CIO, brings current knowledge and future vision of leveraging information and technology in business model design, business capability performance re-engineering and product and service development. 
  • Ensures integration with the enterprise strategy and plans and IT capabilities are delivered reliably, sustainably, and securely. 
  • Provides strategic direction and oversight for the design, development, operation, and support of IT systems and programs that fulfill the needs of the business. 
  • Conducts complex analysis and reports findings and recommendations to the Public Safety Group CIO (GCIO) and senior management at IEMA. 
  • Consults with and advises the GCIO, and IEMA senior management on all matters of policy and procedures relating to the Agency.
  • Interprets new legislation and administrative policies and procedures.

20%  As the Chief Information Officer for IEMA, develops technology vision, leadership and strategic directions for information technology (IT) that address the needs of the Agency. 

  • Oversees and approves all aspects of the Agency's IT infrastructure, architecture and networking requirements, applications programming, information system resources, enterprise IT projects and technical support staff. 
  • Develops and executes IT initiatives to include planning, budget, design, acquisition, implementation, operation and disposal of the Agency's technology infrastructure for the Agency's central office and eight regional offices statewide.
  • Ensures all IT applications align with enterprise directives and comply with IT Security and Accessibility edicts.
  • Keeps abreast of new IT related technologies and methodologies. 
  • Leads and directs the evolution and development of the IT infrastructure and staff within the Agency. 
  • Serves as Department’s information system liaison; Interacts with other agency information systems professionals and key non-data processing professionals within/without IEMA. 
  • Explains IEMA information systems and participates in conceptual planning of application of computerized techniques to addressing Departmental programs. 

15% Serves as full-line supervisor: 

  • Assigns and reviews work.
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff.
  • Reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs.
  • Establishes annual goals and objectives.
  • Approves time off.
  • Adjusts first level grievances.
  • Effectively recommends and imposes discipline, up to and including discharge. 
  • Prepares and signs performance evaluations. 
  • Determines and recommends staffing needs.

10% Ensures availability of IT staff for state emergency and disaster calls requiring IT involvement and assistance:

  • Oversees, controls and provides IT direction, coverage and technical support to all State Emergency Operations Center liaisons and staff operating out of the state's Emergency Operations Center during an emergency or statewide disaster.
  • Oversees highly complex and specialized support of various large-scale Emergency management and Chemical Stockpile databases and applications, dispatch systems, and satellite equipment.
  • Travels in performance of duties.

10% Determines appropriate security measures and creates policies and procedures which monitor and control access to system resources and data: 

  • Oversees the design of the Agency's overall computing system structure, and related local and wide area networking.
  • Ensures the highest level of system reliability and availability is maintained. 
  • Conducts risk assessments and risk analysis to assist the Agency in developing security standards and procedures that support strategic, tactical and operational objectives on a cost-effective basis. 
  • Ensures compliance with internal and external standards related to information technology.


5% Serves as Agency spokesperson: 

  • Serves as Agency spokesperson representing the DoIT Secretary and the GCIO through direct personal contact before Executive Agencies, boards and commissions, including a variety of Federal and State agencies as well as local units of government, often of a sensitive and confidential nature, including policy development for the Department. 
  • Possesses full authority to negotiate DoIT/IEMA agreements and independent authority to commit and reallocate resources to enhance efficiency and services provided by DoIT.


5% Develops, prepares, and submits an annual operating budget: 

  • Possesses resource committal authority to reallocate funding and/or personnel and monitors to assure operations are within established constraints.
  • Monitors and implements all budget, fiscal, voucher and purchasing procedures for the Office. Oversees the design of the Agency's overall computing system structure, and related local and wide area networking.
  • Determines and evaluates the annual applications system budget and program for the Agency and conducts regular reviews of product needs, and service and performance measures.


5% Keeps abreast of current and advancing Information Technology: 

  • Reviews and evaluates current literature reflecting advancements in Information Technology. 
  • Attends and participates in seminars, workshops, conferences, and other meetings to give and receive information related to current "state of the art.”
  • Researches and develops recommendations regarding acquisition of data and word processing equipment.
  • Supervises installation, start-up, and operation of all new equipment obtained by the Agency. 


5% Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.

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