Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse

at ILLINOIS FOUNDATION SEEDS INC in Harvard, Illinois, United States

Job Description

Crops: sweet corn seed, dent corn seed, soybean seed, soybean not for seed, sweet corn, wheat, fresh market beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, edamame, eggplant, gourds, greens, lettuce, melons, okra, onions, peas, peppers, potato and other root crops, pumpkins, summer and winter squash, tomato and flowers.
Job Specifications:  Must have three months’ experience hand harvesting produce. Applicants must be able to furnish affirmative job references from recent employers.
Sanitation Requirements:  For food and general personal safety purposes, all workers will be required and expected to follow common sanitary practices at all times.  This is particularly critical when hand harvesting crops for human consumption.  Employees are required to cleanse their hands by washing them thoroughly with soap and water after using the bathroom and before entering the fields for harvest activities or the packing facility for packing operations.
Workers will prepare field/beds for planting by hand; plant seed by hand; transplant by hand and by machine; lay plastic by hand’ weed by hand and with a hoe; Workers will irrigate, tractor operation, operate large tillage machinery,  motor vehicle transportation (if properly licensed), harvest seed, treat seed by machine and sort seed by hand, vegetable and flowers by hand, wash and pack for market, Assist in preparing orders, assist in market delivery (unpacking and handoff), Area clean up, repack all listed crops, husk seed by hand; wash by hand; do general crop maintenance (pinching & tying) by hand. Detasseling, thinning and rogueing of plants; Hand sort shelled seed, participate in end of the day clean up around farm, maintain general farm neatness and cleanliness.  
Sweet corn seed, dent corn seed, soybean seed: Hand sort shelled seed, participate in end of the day clean up around farm, maintain general farm neatness and cleanliness.  
Support jobs include bin and pallet repair and after-hours cleanup.
Farm, and Field Sanitation- All workers will be responsible for picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors and other farm sanitation duties.
GENERAL CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO ALL CROPS:  Fieldwork begins at assigned time shortly after daylight.  Work may be performed during light rain and in high humidity and in temperatures ranging from 110 degrees to below 20 degrees F.  Workers will perform the majority of tasks standing in the upright position and can expect to stand on their feet for extended periods of time.  Some tasks, however, require workers to perform activities on their feet in stooped or crouched position for long periods of time.  Workers will frequently lift weight of 75 lbs. Workers will supply their own work clothes.  All the tasks in this Job Description constitute one (1) job; the employer may assign workers to different tasks on any day or to multiple tasks during the same day in the sole judgment of the employer.  Workers may be required to perform work, on the farm, that is incidental to farming the crops listed in the application, such as performing hand cultivation tasks, packing, weeding or hoeing, cleaning and repairing farm buildings, grounds, set up and move aluminum irrigation pipes and equipment, cleaning and maintaining drip irrigation systems, using backpack sprayers, gardening, weeding, shrubbing, baling hay, harvesting field corn, etc.  This is a very demanding and competitive business in which quality specifications must be rigorously adhered to.  Sloppy work cannot and will not be tolerated.
The employer retains the right to discharge an obviously unqualified worker, malingerer or recalcitrant worker who is physically able to but does not demonstrate the willingness to perform the work necessary for the employer to grow a premium quality product.

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Posted On: Apr 19, 2024

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