at Radix Trading LLC in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Job Description

Responsible for quantitative research and technology, including but not limited to implementation of order submission and market data protocols, statistical research infrastructure development, creation and optimization of trading and quantitative research algorithms, and other work necessary to increase profitability. Implement algorithms and reasoning about their statistic properties, memory footprint, and performance characteristics. Analyze the trade-offs in the data structures, concurrent and parallel programming techniques, low level code optimization (vectorization, data structure alignments, cache locality). Implement matrix-based algorithms using numerical libraries. Make existing algorithms run faster and/or use memory more efficiently by using different software development skills. Leverage knowledge of C++11/14, standard library and template metaprogramming, socket-level network programming, Eigen matrix library, Intel Math Kernel Library, concurrent programming with pthreads, vectorization with AVX instructions, and GPU programming with CUDA. Design and implement scalable software components in a distributed setting. Applicant may work at unanticipated work locations throughout the US — applicant may work remotely.

Work Location: 353 North Clark Street, Suite 1600, Chicago, IL 60654. Applicant may work at unanticipated work locations throughout the U.S.— applicant may work remotely.

REQUIREMENTS: Employer requires a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, or STEM related field, and 3 months of relevant experience such as a Financial Specialist, Investment Engineer, Software Engineer, or related alternate acceptable occupation. Work or academic experience must have included: data structures, algorithmic complexities, and numerical algorithms; utilizing distributed systems and communications; working with a large code base; and delivering and deploying software in production environments.

Any interested applicant may submit resume via: referencing the job title.


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Job Posting: 11871409

Posted On: May 02, 2024

Updated On: Jun 03, 2024

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