Purchasing Managers

at 365 Truck Repair Ltd in Channahon, Illinois, United States

Job Description

Formulate comprehensive purchasing policies and guidelines for the organization. Establish well-defined protocols for the periodic solicitation of product quotations, outlining criteria for bid acceptance, and identifying preferred suppliers.  Procure the requisite auto parts necessary for the smooth operation of the company.  Participate actively in contract negotiation processes. Conduct a meticulous evaluation of auto parts, taking into account critical factors such as quality, pricing, reliability, technical support, and availability.  Maintain meticulous records of all incoming and outgoing  parts for our auto repair shop.  Ensure prompt acquisition of necessary parts in situations where our auto repair suppliers are running low.  Oversee the packaging and, when required, the shipping of parts back to the manufacturer, all while maintaining accurate records.  Thoroughly review parts manuals, whether in physical or electronic format, to ascertain the suitability of components for the vehicles undergoing service, factoring in  make, model, and year.

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Job Posting: 11992894

Posted On: Jun 20, 2024

Updated On: Jul 20, 2024

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